Author: Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Sex, Fun, Relationships
A Step by Step Guide to Find, Seduce and Keep Women in Your Life

Dear Friend,

You have probably heard of me, my blog and coaching on dating and relationships and know one thing about me: The advice I have for my clients really does work. Even if you used just one of my tips and tricks, your life around women already changed to the better.

Some years ago I have been exactly at the same point in my life that you are probably in right now: Unhappy with my success with women - especially with the ones I really wanted to have in my life. Together with a friend of mine I sat down to find out what was wrong with us and how we can improve our success with women.

Together we came up with a proven system on how to multiply the success every man can have with women.

So here is the big question:

Can it really be that easy to approach attractive women in any place and any time, get them interested, talk to them, have fun together and even get them as a partner?

The answer is simple: YES! I have created a simple system that will make you into a man who can handle women the right way, who is attractive, confident and manly and leads an interesting life that many women would like to be a part in - no matter how old, rich or good looking you are.

Impossible? Of course not!

I have a few questions for you:

Have you ever asked yourself, why other men seem to have attractive women around them, even though they do not look better than you do, or even have less money than you have?

Have you ever had the problem to suddenly face the woman of your dreams - on a train, at work, on the street, in a pub or club, at a party - and you had no idea how to approach her?

Are you the type of man who usually ends up as the "good friend" who has to witness some other guy getting the girl you really wanted?

Have you had a few girlfriends or partners in your life, while knowing that these were not the types of women you actually really wanted?

Did women ever break up with you, giving you some lame excuses like "You do not give me enough space" or "I can't really say why, but we just can't be together anymore"?

Do you repeatedly have the experience of having no idea on what to talk about when you are around the women you like?

Did women just disappear from your life or stopped contacting you or answering your messages and calls?

Have you always been nice, friendly and helpful and tried to fulfil her every wish? Did you try really hard to be a good man around her? But in the end you had to see her pick that horrible guy over you, who even treated her really bad?

Even if you answered just one of these questions with a "yes" - you are in the right place now! Probably you have experienced a few of these things and have no idea why it always seems to end the same way - even though you tried really hard to prevent that from happening!

These questions come from years of experience of working with my clients and helping thousands of men all over the world who seem to have the same problems over and over again. The good thing about this: There is a solution!

During the past few years I have studied these things and asked myself one question most of all: "What kind of man do women really like and what can someone do to be exactly that man?" I have read literally hundreds of book on the subject, talked to hundreds of women, took classes and basically tried everything a man could try when it comes to women, including all the things that will not work with women.

The result was surprising: Every man can actually learn how to be successful with women. And it is actually not really hard to do. The most interesting observation, however, is the following: Every man can learn that - independent from his looks, height, job or size of his bank account! Which simply means that you can do that too!


Unfortunately our society, our parents, our friends and family and especially media and Hollywood teach us all the wrong stuff in this field. We as men have almost no other chance than following bad advice.

More than 99 percent of what you read, see and hear on the subject "what women find attractive in men" has no other aim than to fill pages of magazines or entertain people. It has nothing to do with actually helping you! If it would, the world would be full of attractive super heroes who know exactly how to seduce women. But that is not the reality we live in.

So did I find a secret? I don't thinks so. All I did was to find out what women really want and what kind of man they find attractive. As a scientist I have learned to find the system behind the workings of our society and present them as clear and true as possible. As a coach I have tried this system not only on myself and some of my best friends, but on a huge number of men of all ages and from all kinds of positions in society. I have improved myself and many others. You can do the same! And the best part of it: you can do that with a lot of fun and clear success.

This means that I not only saved you a lot of time reading books and taking classes, but also that I saved you a few years of trial and error!

To make it very clear again: It is not your fault that women do not seem to be very much interested in you!

You are not alone with that problem - the world is full of men like you, who are sick of trying and failing, making the same mistakes over and over again, while society tells them they are doing everything right! My book is filled with information that you have been kept from getting: How to handle women the right way, how to behave as a real man, which strategies can be used to overcome the fear of approaching women, how to talk to women, and how to seduce and keep the women you actually really want.

This knowledge is kept a secret nowadays, because it doesn't seem to fit our "modern world" and places too much power into the hands of men. I had to take a lot of time to find out the truth. Most people know very little about this subject and mostly just the wrong things. The guys who are very successful with women seem to have this kind of knowledge naturally and without a clearly defined system. But there is a simple truth about them: They just had the right experiences which shaped them into what they are today. Because when you analyze what they do, you find out that they do everything according to the system that I present to you in this book - they just never thought about what they do in a logical and clear way.

Now you can use this system, no matter if you are single and want to improve when it comes to dealing with women, or if you are in a long term relationship and want to make sure that your partner will not just disappear suddenly. Or even worse: If you are in that relationship simply because you have no other alternative!

You will definitely not need my book, if you look like a Brad Pitt and know every little trick when it comes to women. If you are really attractive and have to turn down women every night who want to have sex and fun with you, you can stop reading right here. Also, if you are the kind of man who just buys books like this one and puts them on the shelf without reading and using them!

Here's what my readers think:


» This is the most important piece of information that I ever got in my life. It is a quantum leap in my knowledge about women, because I had no idea what went on between men and women. I always had a girlfriend, but I made SO many mistakes, most of which I could have easily avoided! I walk through the world now with a completely different set of eyes!" «


» My main problem was that I tried to talk to my wife in a logical and analytical way while she tried to communicate on an emotional level. We always fought over stupid little things which got me the silent treatment - sometimes for days. This problem is solved now! «


» This is the most important book of my life! «


» The most important sentence in the whole book: 'Every man can be attractive!' That really helped me a lot. «


» Right now I am trying to get that one girl, so I bought myself this book. And I have to say that this is the first good book on the subject that I have found so far. Wonderfully to the point, easy to understand and use, no stupid cheesy pickup-lines. Most importantly, I found typical behavior in myself which has kept me from being as successful as I should have been so far! «

Did you know that being the "nice guy" is one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to dealing with women? And did you know that saying "no" to women will make you look way more attractive than any good deed you could do for them?


Did you know that when you say "no" to women without being mean or hurting them, you will not only seem more attractive and authentic but that this will make women feel more comfortable around you? No? Then it is time to get my book right now:

Yes! I want the e-book:
"Sex, Fun, Relationships"

(PDF, ca. 246 pages)

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E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

My clients asked me to write my system down and put everything I know about women into a book. And that is exactly what I did: I have put together a system of exercises which has changed the lives of many men profoundly.

With this book you will learn:

How to approach women at any place and any time with a very low risk of getting rejected.

How to have long and deep conversations with women and how to use this time to make them feel comfortable and attracted to you.

How to look manly and attractive without giving up your personality or even act like another person but actually stay the way you really are.

How to deal with other people positively and proactively and how to have an attractive live that others would love to be a part in.

How to lead a more intensive and more fulfilled live with many interesting friends and, of course, with many women in it.

How to identify the negative influences in your life and get rid of them.

How to look cool and relaxed naturally and seem interesting to many people.

How to use your body language to look more attractive.

How to keep women interested in you and wanting to share their lives with you.

How to find and keep the woman you really want.

How to be honest, positive and full of good energy around other people.

How to use the right strategies to handle women - from the first meeting to your bed or to a long-term relationship.

How to understand women and communicate with them like no other man that they have met before.


To get all this, you have to buy my book, of course. :-) Don't worry, though. If you do not like it, I give you a 30-day-money-back-guarantee. No questions asked.


Dr. Jochen Konrad, PhD.

Yes! I want the e-book:
"Sex, Fun, Relationships"

(PDF, ca. 246 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 59,90*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

So if you are sick of:

Surfing the internet for porn for hours but never seem to have the chance to hold a real woman in your arms.

Being envious of your friend who have girlfriends and great long-term relationships.

Seeing happy couples all around you, but going home alone.

Falling asleep alone every night.

Let more and more days pass by, knowing that your life might never change.

Never being able to really showing women that you are a great guy and would make a great partner, husband or even father.

Going to the cinema, concerts, to your local pub or on holidays alone or just with your male friends.


Then it is time to do something about it. It is no problem to get rid of these problems once and for all. It will just cost you a few bucks and a few days to get this part of your life in order. So what are you waiting for? Get my book right now, you won't regret it!

Change your life! Order now:

Yes! I want the e-book:
"Sex, Fun, Relationships"

(PDF, ca. 246 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 59,90*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

PS: Here's a version of your life in the future - all you need to do is to get my book and follow the instructions.

You are going out to your favorite pub at night. This is a pub you have chosen deliberately, because you know that this is the place where you are always able to find the women you like. Before you would have felt awkward and out of place in such an environment. But your way of thinking has changed completely. You are relaxed and full of positive energy and maybe a little excited, because you know exactly that you will have a great time tonight. Suddenly you notice her: She is here with some of her friends. You smile, walk over and start talking to them, knowing exactly what to do and say. They are happy to have you around.

So what to do next? Will you play the clown or entertainer for them? Did you remember hundreds of questions that you learned by heart for this kind of situations? Of course you don't. Those times are over. You know exactly what to say and do, how to talk to people with the right attitude and body language. You can react naturally and without having to rely on canned routines when you are around other people or that one woman you find interesting. You now understand the game and know how to play it.

She will be interested in you and will not be able to hide it. It might be difficult for anybody who does not know what signs of interest to look for - but you will notice them. You know how to make her even more interested in you and which steps she needs to follow you home or at least meet you another time. You know how to make this look natural and easy. All that has become pretty simple and is even a lot of fun for you now.

This can be you! Life is short. It is about time that you take your luck into your own hands and step into the next chapter of your life - the one that you write according to what you actually really like. Welcome to your new life!


Yes! I want the e-book:
"Sex, Fun, Relationships"

(PDF, ca. 246 pages)

I order now for a special price
easily via instant download for
only USD 59,90*

* incl. VAT. delivery as a PDF download.

E-Book: Sex, Spaß, Beziehung

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